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Advanced Custom Fields : create new fields quickly v4.2.2

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"Accelerate your web development with our module: no need to write extensive code to add custom fields in PrestaShop. Create new custom fields in just a few minutes and display them on product, category, or order pages.

Module configuration is simple, catering to both beginners and experts. It's designed for multiple uses and is user-friendly even for those without programming knowledge.

How it works:
1. Create a new field through module configurations.
2. Populate this field via the Back Office on Product, Category, or Order pages, depending on your chosen location.
3. Display the corresponding value in the Front Office.

But that's not all! Here are some additional features:
- Choose from three locations: Product, Category, or Order page (with over 10 native hooks and specific shortcodes for each field for 'smarty' display).
- Every field can be set as required or optional.
- Add instructions to provide more information about new fields to your colleagues.
- Choose from six types of fields:
- Text: for simple text or phone numbers.
- Text area: supports text, HTML, and includes a WYSIWYG editor.
- Image: allows you to upload various image formats with customizable sizes.
- Video: lets you integrate videos from YouTube.
- Select: create drop-down menus with predefined elements.
- Checkbox: create a series of checkboxes.
- Set default values for fields to automatically fill them in the Back Office and display them on every Front Office page.
- Fields can be translated.
- You can create, edit, disable, or delete custom fields.
- View summaries by product, category, and order pages. The list of filled fields is accessible through the Back Office menu, allowing you to directly change values."
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