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NULLED ( CRACKED ) ASPack v2.40 + Portable Edition + Crack 2.40

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What is ASPack?​

ASPack, an advanced EXE packer, was designed to reduce the size of Win32 executable files and defend them against reverse engineering.

ASPack is a user-friendly and straightforward to use software program designed to compress EXE, DLL, OCX, DPL, and BPL files and libraries for Windows 32 systems, allowing users to build smaller installations without losing any of the utility's features or performance.

Basic, but functional interface​

After a standard installation process, you can start the program and begin working immediately because it's easy to use, even for those who aren't skilled.

The tabbed interface allows you to switch between various sections of ASPack. These let you load your files, modify their processing parameters and begin the compression process.

You can load your programs and watch the program shrink.​

ASPack allows you to upload the file you want to import, clicking the 'Open' button to browse your system to find applications that require work. ASPack supports software developed within Visual Basic, Microsoft C++, Borland Delphi, and other compilers that work with Win32. This means that you can download EXE, OCX, and DLL files, in addition to DPL BPL and BPL.

The program lets you modify various output options and choose whether to compress resources Create Backup Copy', 'Auto-Run Following Loading' and 'Use Windows DLL loader', 'Preserve Additional Information', or to 'Add to The Context Menu'.

Remember that these changes need to be completed before including the executable you wish to shrink in size because the process will start by itself. Once the process is complete, ASPack will display the post-compression and initial dimensions in bytes on its main screen. The size reduction can be reduced to 70 percent in some situations and makes the file easier to transfer.

A simple executable compressor is available for you to make use of​

In short, ASPack is an efficient and reliable tool that will help you drastically reduce the dimension of Win32 applications, bringing them to a tiny smaller proportion of their original sizes and with minimal effort needed.

The solution results in making Windows libraries and programs smaller, up to 70 percent (the compression rate is greater than the standard ZIP by 10-20 percent), which results in less speed of downloading compressed apps in local networks and on the Internet due to their smaller size in comparison to the uncompressed apps.

The ASPack exe compressor also protects programs/applications from unprofessional analysis, debuggers, and decompilers. Applications compressed using ASPack run the same way as before, without any performance penalty at runtime.

ASPack Great Features:​

  • Advanced processing of executable files (EXE, DLL, OCX).
  • The universal solution is to compress an exe file, a program code, data, and resources.
  • Completely self-contained operation with extended filename support.
  • Protection of resources and program code from disassemblers.
  • Protection from decompilation.
  • Fast decompression routines deliver better performance than competing products.
  • Integrates directly into Windows as a shell extension for ease of use.

ASPack Benefits​

  • Significant reduction in executable file sizes up to 70%.
  • Decrease load times across networks and download times from the Internet.
  • Embedded Windows applications require significantly less storage space.
  • Protection of resources and code against peeking, disassemblers, and decompilers.
  • No runtime royalties for distributing compressed programs.
  • Compatible with executables created by Microsoft Visual C++, Visual Basic, Embarcadero Delphi, C++ Builder, and other Win32 compilers.
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