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NULLED ( CRACKED ) dizzy - Support Creators Content Script 3.5.1

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The general member portfolio consists of software developers, company owners and investors. Our mission is to ensure that all shared content is clean and functional. For this reason, unfortunately, not every member is accepted. Please do not attempt to register for 1 software or 1 theme, membership is paid. You can join our telegram group below or send an e-mail to [email protected] to purchase the invite code for 10$.

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16 March

[ADDED] - Mute Audio / Unmute Audio feature on Live Streaming
[ADDED] - Mute Video/ Unmute Video feature on Live Streaming
[ADDED] - Mention system
[ADDED] - Mention feature on notification system
[ADDED] - A variable color combination has been added to the label system for aesthetic appearance.
[ADDED] - HashTag search system
[ADDED] - Affilate System
[ADDED] - Affilate Management in admin panel
[ADDED] - Earn Point System
[ADDED] - User can earn point when he/she Register,Create a post, follow someone, like post, comment post.
[ADDED] - The administrator can determine how many points people can earn from which feature.
[ADDED] - New words in eng.php, fr.php, de.php and es.php
[ADDED] - Uploading bar when user upload
[ADDED] - Fake user generator
[ADDED] - Fake user type in admin panel
[ADDED] - Show/Hide user fullname (Admin panel)
[ADDED] - Profile Link Watermark (When user share his/her image or video the system adding his/her profile link on the image)
[ADDED] - Enable/Disable Image Watermark Status
[ADDED] - Enable/Disable Link Watermark Status
[ADDED] - Auto Approve post feature
[ADDED] - Enable/Disable Weekly Subscription from admin panel
[ADDED] - Enable/Disable Monthly Subscription from admin panel
[ADDED] - Enable/Disable Yearly Subscription from admin panel
[FIXED] - Add/Edit Sticker issue
[FIXED] - Reported Subscription issues
[FIXED] - Open Graph Meta Tags
[FIXED] - Live Streaming issues
[FIXED] - Watermark issue
[FIXED] - Image Crop View issue
[FIXED] - Special Character issue
[FIXED] - Chat issues
[FIXED] - Reported Admin Panel issues
[FIXED] - Image upload issue
[FIXED] - Premium content Earning issue
[FIXED] - Subscription Content Earning issue
[FIXED] - Creator Dashboard Char issue
[FIXED] - Withdrawal Details issue (in admin)

28 January [URGENT UPDATE]

[FIXED] - Image display issue
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