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How do I make my articles list the index for my forum?

Admin CP: Setup > Options > Basic Board Information
Index Page Route: ewr-porta/

How do I rename the "ewr-porta" sub-directory to something else?

Admin CP: Setup > Navigation> Route Filters > Add route filter
Find route: ewr-porta/
Replace with: articles/

I have two "home" tabs, how do I get rid of one?

Admin CP: Setup > Navigation > Public Navigation
Disable the default "home" tab

My articles list does not have a feature slider on top of it?

The feature slider is no longer built into the article list. It is instead a widget, which can be placed anywhere on your forum. This makes it more universal and easier to manage.
Admin CP: Appearance > Widgets > Add widget > XenPorta > Features

How do I put my feature slider above the fold/main content area?

User the "relocate slider" option in the feature widget to relocate the slider anywhere you want.
I recommend using: .p-body-main

What is the difference between "full" and "split" widget locations?

"Full" widget locations place each widget at full width in each line. Basically the same as every other widget location built into XenForo 2. Each new widget in a "full" location will appear below the previous.
"Split" widget locations attempt to place each widget in a horizontal flex-box; like a grid. It will attempt to put new widgets to the side of previous widgets, instead of below it. I say "attempt" because there is a minimum width for widgets, and if the user's view-port is too small, it will respond responsively.

How do I put widget content in-between articles on the articles list?

With the "XenPorta > Articles list: After article" widget position, you can put content after each article. You can then use the {$context.i} parameter to limit widgets based on the iteration of the article count. (if you are using the HTML widget make sure to enable "advanced mode" on the widget)
<xf:if is="$context.i % 3 == 0"><div class="porta-article-item">
<div class="block-container porta-article-container">
<h3 class="block-header">{$title}</h3>
<div class="block-body block-row">
This widget will appear after every third article.
If you want to use this position with masonry, using the porta-article-item and porta-article-container classes in the above example will greatly help with any styling issues you may have.
Why are there so few widgets in this version compared to the previous?

XenForo 2 has a built-in HTML widget, which works fantasticly... you can even use XenForo template syntax in it! Because of this, unless you need specific PHP backend procedures for a widget, there is no real reason to make a widget for something which can simply be placed as HTML code.
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