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Present! Installation and creation of settings 1 standard feed

  • Write to support if you need to install and / or configure one standard feed. This feed will be enough to integrate almost any product with Google Merchant or Facebook. You just need to add a link to the feed in Google Merchant or Facebook. In the future, you will be able to independently expand the data in Google merchant or Facebook (for example, specify installments for goods, or other optional data), if necessary
  • Setup is made within 1-2 days after purchase. To configure, you must send FTP and access to the admin panel of the store on which you want to install the module

New features
- Tag installment with the rule of placement, depending on the category, manufacturer or cost of goods in the feed
- The shipping tag can now be tied to the price of a product, to a category, to a manufacturer, to a specific product
- Tag taxes with the rule of placement, depending on the category, manufacturer or value of the goods in the feed

Also full compatibility in the catalog of goods Facebook

Daily this module already unloads hundreds of thousands of goods to Google merchant in Europe, the USA, Canada, Russia, Latin America

- The optimization function, which allows you to bypass the limits of RAM
- Fully compatible with Facebook
- Allows you to create product variations for any option value, any option (for example, for product variations by color, size)
- When dividing products by variations (by option values), the goods will be added the option value to the product name and the option value will automatically be activated (example: - The option turns on - Checkbox 1)
- The editor is a custom label. Allows you to submit in these tags almost any information about the product
- Any number of feeds can be used simultaneously. Feeds can be created under a specific manufacturer or category with their own specific settings. This allows you to flexibly configure product groups and save these settings
- Saving the feed to the file and sending the feed to the link that creates the file, and updates the data on each call
- Allows you to convert prices
- Any currencies
- Allows you to compare the store categories with Google categories once. After matching the tag with the category Google will be automatically substituted. Categories of Google are built into the module in 5 languages (you can use any, because the category of Google is set by a single identifier of the category Google)
- For all tags, the function of submitting any content. You select a tag and specify a method for generating content for it. An option value, an attribute, a text field, or any value from the database's product tables (according to the formula) can be passed to the tag.
- And dozens of features that allow you to take into account almost any case of placing goods in Google merchant
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