NULLED ( CRACKED ) OC3 Import YML Module 1.0.0

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A module for automatically uploading products to an online store based on Opencart 3.x from a YML file from another online store or supplier. The module is convenient for dropshipping, as most suppliers provide a YML file with products for import.

The module does not import large YML prices! If your price list is more than 5 Mb, it can cause problems.
Import of goods is possible by uploading a YML file to the form or by linking to a YML file. If you add a link, then you can put a task in the cron-scheduler on the server to periodically run the script for updating products from the specified source. Thus, the products in your store will be updated automatically. In this case, you need to configure the module: register a link to the YML file and indicate which product fields need to be updated. Then set the task in kronor to run the script {your site} /admin/import_yml_cron.php (if there are a lot of goods to import, it is better to run the script through the CLI in order to avoid server time constraints on script processing). The support of your hosting will help you to put the task in the cron manager.

Installing the module:

1. You must have previously installed https://opencart3x.ru/module/admin/localcopy-ocmod

2. Load the module through the admin panel - in the Installing modules section, select the archive import_yml_oc3.ocmod.zip

3. Update modifications in the admin panel in the Modifiers section (or Add-ons Manager)

4. IMPORTANT! Add rights to your user group to view and edit the module - for this you need to open the System> Users> User groups> Administrators> check the boxes next to "tool / import_yml" in the first two blocks.

5. Go to "System"> "Development" (another translation option "Tools" or "Maintenance")> "Import YML", set the necessary settings, save and start importing. If you cannot find the module along this path - here is a direct link to the module page in the admin panel http: //your-site/admin/index.php? Route = tool / import_yml

Attention! You do not need to look for a module in the Modules section, it should not be there. It will be available in the menu at the above address after updating the modifications and adding rights to the user group.

Possible problems:
If there are too many products in the YML file, your server may not be able to process it in the time allotted to it, and after a few minutes of import, you will receive a server error. Do not worry, there are several options for solving this problem:
1. Start import until you receive a message about the successful completion of the operation. Each time, new products will be added and so on until full import. The main thing is to uncheck the "Delete all products" box.
2. You need to maximize the processing time of scripts on the server, the php parameter max_execution_time is responsible for this. Hosting technical support can help you with this, or you can increase this parameter yourself in the server settings or through the php.ini file - look for instructions "how to do it" in Google / Yandex.
3. Run the import script {your site} /admin/import_yml_cron.php using the CLI (from the SSH command line). Before that, in the module settings, you need to register a link to YML and save.
4. Split the YML file into several files, taking into account the main YML markup

11/01/2017 - the error with the file import was resolved, the module's work on cron was fixed.
03/12/2018 - added support for importing images with Cyrillic names (transliteration of the image names was made); The problem of updating additional images when updating images is disabled has been resolved.
04/26/2018 - added the ability to write several categories to the product, solved some problems when updating the products on
09/26/2018 - the module was updated, problems with overwriting product categories and parameters were solved.
12/07/2018 - minor problems with updating categories were resolved
01/15/2019 - version 3.1: the module was improved in terms of disabling field updates, the problem with languages was solved, the problem with the formation of the SEO URL was solved, the compatibility of the module was improved.
01/25/2019 - Minor change to improve versatility.
04/08/2019 - resolved the problem with the appearance of "uploaded file is empty"
09/12/2019 - improved the work of loading images
09/14/2019 - import oldprice (adding shares)
06/01/2020 - solved the problem of importing images with the same name
29/01/2020 - solved the problem of importing images with spaces in the name
02/27/2020 - improved compatibility with price lists when starting the update for the crown
03/27/2020 - added noindex parameter for categories
06/03/2020 - solved the problem with loading images for some price lists