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OpenCart Order Tracking Module 3x

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Overview Of OpenCart Order Tracking Module​

The Order Tracking extension makes the order tracking system fast and easy. After login, customers can view the tracking number and track button of their order page.
After clicking on the link, the customer can also track the location of his order.
Also, Admin can add multiple Shipping Company names with URL and can Link orders with these Shipping companies along with the tracking numbers.

What Does OpenCart Order Tracking Extension​

Admin can simply add the tracking number and link of the courier company for the order placed by the customer. The customer can view the tracking number and courier company name on the front side of the order page.
Admin has the option to add multiple courier company names with URL.

Features Highlights of the Module:​

1.Customize Module​

Admin can enable or disable the tracking order extension.
From Module Setting, the admin can also add a custom courier company name with a URL.

2. Increase in Sales​

We know how much effort you did to bring customer traffic to your online store. When you apply the order track module to your store you make it easier for shoppers to see his or her tracking number and link.
90% of customers rate the order tracking process as an essential factor in providing customer satisfaction in your store.

3. Documentation​

Order Tracking Module is powered with Clear documentation to make your installation even more simple. The documentation explains all easy-to-go steps needed for installation.

Core Features of Module​

  • It builds the trust factor of customers by updating them in real-time and improve the shopping experience in your store.
  • Admin can enable/disable the module for the front end and admin side display.
  • Admin can Add multiple Couriers Url and Couriers Name for orders.
  • No core file modification.
  • Fast loading and sleek.
  • Free and fast support.
  • Support all versions.
  • It supports multi-language.
  • Support Multi-Store.
  • We Provide free support & the best support.

Why Choose Tmd Order Tracking?​

1.Created By Opencart Official Partner​

We are an official partner of the OpenCart Technology partner company. We are here for a long time and have been developing and distributing OpenCart Module to a large section of the OpenCatt community in the marketplace.
Our exquisite work & professional management has given us an opportunity to become a Partner of Opencart

2. User Friendly​

Order Tracking shoppers see all tracking numbers and tracking buttons on the order page, above the fold. The latest technologies have been used to make it quick and easy. admin can show hide module as per need. so this simple Process makes it user-friendly.

3. Error Free Module​

Our Modules are 100% tested on the Opencart framework and are Bug-free. In case you face any issue we Provide Quick Support for our customers. So all customers are happily using our modules for a long time.

4. Professional Support​

We are in the Opencart Marketplace for the last 12 Years. During our journey, together with the OpenCart, we made over 200+ Module and several Opencart Themes as well.

We have the best knowledge in this framework and if our customer faces any Issue during the installation process, we provide cost-free support. This Process is for a duration of 3 months after your purchase of the module from the TMD OpenCart Store. Enjoy technical support and rich-featured support until then.
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