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NULLED ( CRACKED ) Premium Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme 3

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Most Praised Features​

DASHBOARD STATS Energize has multiple detailed dashboard stats that keep you up to date with key parts of your OpenCart Store.

GREAT DESIGN The default OpenCart Theme for the your admin is boring and dull. Energize gives you 4 different color schemes to suit your needs.

EXCELLENT SUPPORT & UPDATES Whether you have the Single License or Multiple License, sometimes you may need help with your store, and that is why we give you excellent support with your Energize download.

COMPATIBILITY Energize is compatible with nearly every OpenCart 2.x – 3.x themes & extensions there is. If it detects an incompatible extension, it’s built to fall back to a neutral state that won’t affect your extension. Email me and we’ll create a fix for you. we mean it.

FAST LOADING Energize has no bloat features or files, which means your admin dashboard will load quickly and without slowdown.

Fully Responsive​

Have the peace of mind that comes with having your OpenCart store in your pocket. Manage your store regardless of which device you use. Energize runs perfectly on Desktop, ipad, tablet, iphone, android devices without issue.

Re-Brand Your Admin​

Energize allows you re-brand & match your OpenCart Admin Panel with your company (or clients’) colors. Be more professional and get ride of the bland generic look of the default OpenCart theme already on dashboard.


Energize is compatible with OpenCart 3 and OpenCart 2

From experience, we know that feeling you get when you try out a new extension and wonder if it will work with your store. You don’t need to have that fear with Energize, as it works with almost all extensions and themes, plus it’s made to fall back and not interfere with an incompatible extension.

If you are the rare person who has this problem, email me and we’ll fix it for you. Or just contact support: support [at] base5builder [dot] com

One-Click Installation & Uninstallation​

No OpenCart files are overwritten or deleted. Energize has it’s own files, so just upload the theme and click install.

If you don’t want to use the Admin Theme any longer, just disable it with one click and your admin is back to the normal default OpenCart theme.

Built with QoreEngine​

QoreEngine is an OpenCart Theme Engine for the admin that we built as an extension specifically for OpenCart so that design changes wont affect your website functionality.

QoreEngine simply plugs into OpenCart as an extension and acts as a connection between my new OpenCart Themes and OpenCart. This means most (if not all) of your extensions will work out of the box. For those that aren’t, it will be a lot easier and faster for me to make them compatible.

URL'si: http://oc3-energize.base5builder.com/admin/
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