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Simtech Dev Affiliate Light 4.9.4

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Affiliate Light​

Get a clear view of payouts, track stats & manage promos


Affiliate Light add-on allows you to easily manage payouts, generate referral links, and track all the stats to measure your promo effectiveness. It is a simple solution which allows you to launch an affiliate program in your business fast and easy. Provide your affiliates with commissions for selling with a referral link or an affiliate coupon code!

Key Features:​

  • Simple setup and seamless integration with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor stores
  • Intuitive interface and simple dashboard to get a clear view of all payouts, commissions, track stats, and manage promos and referrals
  • Automatic generation and copying of referral links

Installing and configuring the add-on​

Install the add-on​

Affiliate program allows you to pay commission fees for orders made in the store. You can set up promos with bonuses for buyers who use promo codes

Two methods are available for a partner to gain more referrals:

  • Promo Code
  • Referal link
Buyers who use an affiliate’s promotional code become referral partners. Buyers can receive discounts on order while making a purchase.


Buyers clicking through a referral link and signing up become referrals.

In the affiliate plan, commissions can be paid out for all referrals’ orders or only once for the first order.

Three pages are available for affiliate program users:

  • Description and links
  • Payouts
  • Statistics
‘Description and links’ is the place where user can copy the referral link to the registration form and the promotional code. The user can also choose an affiliate program plan there.


On the Affiliate payouts page, the user can see the current balance and monthly amounts paid.


Four sections are available to the administrator In the admin panel:

  • Plans
  • Payouts
  • Commissions
  • Users

A new condition has been added to create a promotion. For all users, a promotional code starting with the prefix promo_ is available and a user ID is added (for example, promo_3). The prefix can be changed in the module config.php file.


The add-on is compatible with CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor 4.5 and above, but only versions 4.11.x, 4.12.x and 4.13.x are supported.7.0 php version and above.
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