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PS v1.7 Sitemap xml pro 2.0.9

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The module create a sitemap, that can customize sitemap according to your specifications.
Very easy to use and create the correct site map.
Possible to add in sitemap any url ande links to images product.
Supports multi shop and multi languages

  • Setting up categories (priority and change freq), which will be added to the site map
  • Setting up manufacturers / suppliers (priority and change freq), which will be added to the site map
  • Detailed documentation
  • Setting CMS and SEO pages (priority and change freq) which will be added to the site map
  • Setting up of the prodocts (priority and change freq), which will be added to the site map
  • Update the site map of the crown or a button
  • Setting up of url links in the site map http or https
  • Image settings for products
  • Create the site map for all or selected languages
  • Create the site map with/without products images
  • Create the site map with alternative links
  • Create the site map with product images and alternative links
  • Possibility to add any link to the site map
  • Possibility to exclude individual products from site map
  • Ability to split sitemap
  • Setting the export of change freq
  • Ability to export combinations of products
  • Ability to include ID attributes
  • Ability to include caption of images
  • Ability to export sitemap to robots.txt
  • Excellent support after the purchase module
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What's New in Version 2.0.9(09/22/2020)
  • add new function "add option product export"
  • add new function "add option define by default category"
  • bug fix
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