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Sky Captcha Work – Make Money Online From Home By Captcha Work | Full Applications 2024-02-06

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– Users can register in app by using facebook, google and manually.
– Forget password by email address.
– Refer App for earn bonus coins.
– Watch reward ads and get some coins daily.
– User can get some captcha work and make some money without subscription.
– User can choose subscription packages for get more captcha work also get more coins per solve captcha.
– User can redeem coins by different payment getway.
– Show daily captcha work statistics.
– Show full user captcha work summery.
Admin Features
– Admin can earn via collecting subscription fees.
– Admin can create multipale packages for membership
– Admin also can create multipal packages for redeem coins.
– Admin can set subscribed and unsubcribed user’s give captcha per day and also set how much coins give per right captcha and deduct coins if wrong.
– Admin can block user’s account.
– Admin can see userlist and subcription status also user’s activity.
– Admin aproove or reject withdraw request.
– Admin can send some important notification.
– Admin also set some important announcement for users.
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