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NULLED ( CRACKED ) Speed Up OC Store 2.0

No permission to download
HTML cache to speed up OpenCart. Dramatically increases OpenCart site speed and reduces server load. Up to 100 times faster than realtime opencart page load.
Supports multistore, multilanguage, multicurrency, https protocol.
When logged in to admin panel you will see a bar in the bottom of your frontend with speed comparison and a button to clear cache.
By default, pages are cached for 3 hours, this parameter can be changed from admin panel.
Also this module compresses HTML output to make a code smaller.


Not recommended for Journal2 and Journal3.
This template have own caching mechanism.

Easy installation via native ocmod.

Please don't forget to rate a module if you like it

Cache exclusions:

Cache is not always needed, there are lots of situations when you need realtime information.
So this module returns uncached contents for admin panel, for logged in customers and customers that have products in their cart. This can be configured in module settings from admin panel.

Also I plan to add automatic cache clear on product/category/etc. update in admin panel.
AJAX upload for parts of template if they should not be cached

My extensions

If you have trouble installing or using my module please click "Get support" button on the right column here. Or write a comment. Please describe what you are doing and provide maximum information: OC version, PHP version, Error you get, What you are doing to get this error.

v.1.0 - initial release
v.1.1 - added configuration module in admin panel
v.1.2 - customers & cart tracking fix + css fixes

v.1.3 (2017-12-31)
- fixed css z-index
- fixed undefined variables

v.1.4 (2018-01-16)
- added Clear Cache button in admin

v.1.5 (2018-03-05)
- Changed extension structure. Less changes to core files. Changed DB sessions control
- Fixed cookies problem on some nginx configurations

v.2.0 (2018-03-10)
- More code refactoring work
- Fixed headers cache
- OC 2.3 support
- Cache files structure depth changed to fix original OC3 cache clear function
- Permission fixes for admin module
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