XF 2 [TH] Connected Account Providers 1.2.1

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2.1, 2.2


[TH] Connected Account Providers

Official website: https://xenforo.com/community/resources/th-connected-account-providers.8488/

Connected Account Providers
Get Connected Account Providers for free by using the coupon code MOREPROVIDERS during checkout.

Remembering login information for countless platforms and services is a hassle for your users. Why not eliminate the need for them to remember yet another login for your XenForo forum?

Connected Account Providers allows your users to log in and register for your forum using a variety of 3rd party accounts; including Steam, Amazon, Vimeo, and much more!

Administrator Features:
  • Manage supported providers for 3rd party accounts
  • Enable or disable forced OAuth registration

User Features
  • Register and log in using their favorite 3rd party service

Last Updated: Sep 8th, 2021

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