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TMD COOKIE POLICY (1.5.X ,2.X & 3.X) 3X

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Overview of Cookie Policy OpenCart Module​

A cookie is usually a small text file, that is stored on your computer's browser directory or program data subfolders.
Cookies are created when you use your browser to visit a website that uses cookies to keep track of your movements within the site. So it helps you to resume where you have left off, and it remembers your registered login, theme selection, preferences, and other customization functions.
Thus a cookie can track and keep information on your movements within the site.
Cookie files are automatically lodged into the cookie file that is the memory of your browser and each one typically contains:
  • 1. The name of the server the cookie was sent from
  • 2. The lifetime of the cookie
  • 3. A value - usually a randomly generated unique number
However, this OpenCart module is concerned with how to deal with the Cookie Policy i.e to display a policy mentioning a warning sign to your website visitors on their browser to install your cookie.
If the visitor accepts the warning, the cookie will be loaded on their web browser whenever a user lands on your webpage.
So this module basically provides you with an overview of how to structure your cookie policy and design it based on your website color theme and text you want to display in front of your consumers.

Benefits of Cookie Policy OpenCart Module​

There are several benefits of using the cookie policy module in your store. The cookie Policy module allows you to fully configure a cookie warning message that is displayed on your storefront side of the website.
All options are manageable from the admin like you can set Cookie Message, Background color, Text Color, Hover Effects on Links, Button on Text, Position on the right or left, and set a custom message that you want to show in front of your store.
So an admin gets the full flexibility to manage everything from within the admin panel.
This module will not affect any core file of your OpenCart store so there is no issue with updating your website with this module. This is usually done by copying all files in your root folder and it does not overwrite any core files

Features Of The Cookie Policy Module​

a) Provide Customize Module:​

All our modules are built on the OpenCart platform, so our modules are dynamic in nature, which means the admin can alter most of the things from the admin panel. The admin panel provides an easy backend for altering and changing any features as required.

b) Background Color, Text Color, Message, Button Text, Position, And Hover Effects Can Be Modified From The Admin:​

The module is prepared with basic features to make it relevant for your website and theme. So features such as Background color, Text color, Message, Button, etc. can be easily modified by admin.

c) Provide Attractive Color Picker:​

The color picker is mandatory for selecting the appropriate color to match text and background with your theme.
This module provides an efficient tool such as a color picker to easily alter any desired color on attributes such as text, links, or background to make a matching effect with your theme.
So you can easily choose colors with the color picker tool.

d) Easy Installation:​

The module is very easy to install and indeed you can install the cookie policy module with a 1 click install process.

e) Fast Loading And Sleek:​

The module is built for processing faster so that it makes your website run faster and shows up all effects on your website.

f) Free Support:​

After you purchase this module TMD provides free to install the module on your website. So if there is any issue you can enjoy free support from the TMD team.

g) No Core File Changes:​

You are likely to remain safe and sound with this module installation because it does not affect any core file changes on your existing website.
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