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NULLED ( CRACKED ) TMD OpenCart Cashback Module 1.0.0

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What is OpenCart Cashback Module?​

The cashback module for OpenCart e-commerce store is a module and extension that any OpenCart store owner can set up for his store to increase their sales and traffic.

This module usually works like a cashback offer on purchases made by your customers in your store. So customers can use their cashback offer as a wallet for the next purchase and customers can check their pending cashback amount on their respective accounts.

4 Easy ways to set up Cashback Offers on your OpenCart Store​

TMD Cashback module can be set by admin very easily on various cashback offers conditions such as

1. Cashback on Signup

2. Cashback on reviewing a product in your store.

3. Cashback on Minimum Amount Purchase

4. Setting up of Maximum usable amount from the wallet

Admin can also assign the amount or percentage that should be made available for customers when one of these above conditions is fulfilled.

So cashback module helps to promote your brand. With help of this module, you can define special offers as cashback offer.


For Example
Product AAA price is $50 and you want to give $5 as a cashback offer to your customers on purchase. So the cashback amount of $5 can be set up by the admin in the admin panel. For any purchase completed, the customer will get the 5% bonus in their wallet and can use it in the next purchase on the cart page.

if admin wants to offer it to a particular customer they can also define this from the admin customer section


Features of CashBack module

It is easy to install​

This module is very easy to install. The module can be installed by the admin with ease because it is just like the plug and play module. For any support required you can contact our support center for more details


Enable select Payment option​

Enabling the select payment option enables the admin to configure the payment gateway for which the condition has to be set. Suppose you can make the cashback offer available only on credit transfer. So customers paying through other modes will not avail of the cashback offer.

Use option in Cart page​

This module displays the cashback option on the checkout page. So customer can reuse the cashback offer while checking out for the next purchase done through their account


Complete History​

A complete history of various cashback offers is available to all respective customers on their accounts. So they can make the decision quickly if they avail of any offers for making the next purchase.

Fully Customize​

All controllers are provided for store admin in the admin panel. So admin can change the percentage or amount required to optimize their cashback offers any time or when in need.

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