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OC3 TMD OpenCart COD OTP Verification Module 1.0.0

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What is TMD OpenCart COD OTP Verification Module?​

TMD OpenCart OTP verification module is an OpenCart module and extensions for OpenCart Stores where the verification process on sales order happens through an OTP whenever an audience tries to place an order on your website.

This module integrated on your website allows admin to add an SMS verification process on your store or OTP login to confirm that orders are particularly placed under COD.

Once the order is placed, the website will send an SMS to the user to confirm the order using the OTP pin received from your website to the user's mobile.

The user will be allowed a screen to place the OTP before the order is completed. Once the OTP matches the COD order is placed successfully.

So the modules usually allow admin to verify that the orders that were placed on behalf of COD are real and genuine and allows admin to control or stop the processing of fake orders i.e spamming

Configuring OTP from Admin Panel​

The module's admin panel is simple yet powerful. It contains most of the settings in one place to configure easily your message, set up SSL, URL, and order status.

The orders can get verified by the customers by enabling the verification option in the admin setting. Else you must disable it to stop sending SMS to customers.

Admin can also configure a custom message text and format message that is to be sent to the customer and the website will deliver the particular SMS to a customer as soon as an order is placed.

Features of COD OTP​

Enable or Disable SMS Verification:​

This option allows the admin to enable or disable the OTP feature whenever required. So there is no hard set up and you can switch between the possible options very easily. So the modules usually allow admin to verify that the orders that were placed on behalf of COD are real and genuine.

Multi-language compatibility:​

Multi-language settings in this module ensure that upon implementing this module in your store, it takes care of all possible language settings. Your website may have more than 1 language. This module will match your website language to give your customer a better user experience.

Compatible with any API based SMS settings:​

This module is compatible with any API-based SMS setting. So if you are using the Opencart SMS OTP verification Module it will let you use any SMS service providers. You do not have to look here and there while selecting an SMS service provider for your website. It uses an SMS API service that can be connected with all SMS service providers.

Send SMS OTP verification:​

This feature automatically sends OTP through SMS for a user to verify their order before they are able to complete and secure their order on your website.

Module Settings:​

Module settings generally deal with all the options on your control panel. It allows the admin to control or stop the processing of fake orders i.e spamming.

Customize message:​

The admin panel provides an area to write default text messages for the delivery of OTP to your customers or audiences. So you can create a custom SMS message and set up the text format you want your audience to be notified of.

Control Spam orders:​

This is the most important feature of the COD OTP verification module, as it allows admin to stop the process of fraud and stop spamming multiple orders from unknown sources and restricts and blocks the robots-based order processing which can be annoying to store owners.

Powerful Control Panel for Admin:​

The admin panel as we know often as the control panel of this module is simply very powerful for the admin to access the module for any necessary changes. All module options are displayed on one page and accessible easily through a few clicks.

No core file changes:​

This feature ensures that implementing this module shall not alter any core file changes that may lead to the malfunctioning of a website.

Compatible with all versions:​

COD OTP Verification module is compatible with the OpenCart 2x and 3.x versions. Website running using these versions can use the COD OTP verification extension.
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