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OC3 TS Google Analytics 1.3

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Google Analytics v1.2 by Tramplin Studio - this module itself creates a counter and transfers the data of the online store to the Google web analytics tool, which helps to receive visual reports, visitor actions, track traffic sources and measure the effectiveness of advertising. The data collected by the counter is processed on Google servers and supplemented with various information. But the most important feature of the module is its ability to very easily set up and transmit data about achieved goals , e-commerce data (eCommerce) and detailed visitor data . With the help of these tools, you can significantly increase the conversion rate of your online store, which will have a positive impact on your income.

Basic counter settings.

Working with the module begins with creating a counter on the Google Analytics website. After that, copy the resource identifier (counter number) into the module settings and it will immediately start transmitting data both about the pages themselves and the events that occurred when visitors interacted with them. The main settings contain the following options:
  • Counter type. 2 types of JS script used to transfer data to Google Analytics: `analytics.js` and` gtag.js`.
  • Counter operation mode. Different methods for loading JS. For asynchronous mode, the data transfer method is `Beacon`.
  • Tracking page views. May contain additional parameters.
  • Tracking user time to track page load speed. Allows you to reduce page load time and improve the overall experience of the site. May contain additional parameters.
  • Improved link attribution. Improves click tracking accuracy by automatically distinguishing clicks on links with the same URL on the same page. May contain additional parameters.
  • Cross-domain tracking. Domain linking feature that allows you to register visits to multiple resources as one session. May contain additional parameters.
  • Functions for advertisers. Allows you to disable all features for advertisers, remarketing, and advertising reporting.
  • Transfer of the main currency of the online store.
  • Transfer of the main country of activity of the online store.
  • Various settings for visitor cookies.

Attention! Remove the regular counter code from your site if it is already present to avoid duplicating some data.

Sending parameters of visitors.

This tool can be useful for generating a report based on the data obtained while the visitor is on the site. Using this data, you can form segments for selecting an audience in Google Analytics. Visitor data is passed to Google Analytics as special `dimensions` parameters. You can configure the transmission of the following data:
  • visitor ID can take the following values: session number or registered user ID in the OpenCart system ;
  • type of visitor: guest or registered;
  • customer group, if the user is registered;
  • registration date, if the user is registered;
  • account security status, which is assigned to a registered user during moderation;
  • newsletter subscription status, if the user is registered;
  • the country specified in the address of the registered user by default;
  • the region specified in the address of the registered user by default;
  • the city specified in the address of the registered user by default;
  • zip code specified in the address of the registered user by default;
  • as well as the values of additional custom fields for registered users!

Submitting e-commerce data - eCommerce.

This is a tool that provides the ability to collect and analyze data related to the field of e-commerce - eCommerce. The transmitted information is displayed on the Google Analytics website in the "E-commerce" report group.

Data transfer is carried out during actions performed with a product or a set of products:
  • when viewing a product in the lists (categories, search, manufacturers, promotions, modules with products and others ..);
  • when you click on a product in the lists;
  • when viewing the card (page) of the product;
  • when adding an item to the cart;
  • when removing an item from the cart;
  • when going to checkout;
  • upon successful ordering.
For more up-to-date statistics, data on addition or removal is also transmitted if the quantity of goods in the basket has been changed.
Attention! Data about adding, deleting or ordering may not always be transmitted or not at all, in the case of some modules replacing the order form. E-commerce data is successfully transferred using the standard OpenCart checkout form , using the Simple and FastOrder modules . Operation is not guaranteed with other modules!

When performing the listed actions, the following data can be transmitted:
  • manufacturer of goods;
  • full branch of product categories, but only when viewing the card (for example: "category 1 / category 2");
  • a list with products (categories, search, manufacturers, promotions, modules with products, etc.), but only when you click on a product and view it in the lists;
  • item position in the list, if the value is not 0;
  • product price, including tax rate;
  • quantity of goods in stock, quantity when adding or removing in the basket, and quantity in a completed order;
  • type of product, that is, the selected product options are listed separated by commas.

When placing an order, additional data may also be transmitted:
  • the name of the store specified in the settings of the OpenCart system ;
  • income from a purchase made (contains additional parameters);
  • tax deduction from the purchase made;
  • shipping costs for the purchase made;
  • the promotional code for which the discount was accrued when placing an order.

Sending data on the achievement of goals.

A goal is an action of a visitor in which the site owner is interested: visiting a specific page, clicking a button, clicking on a link, paying for an order, etc. When users come to your site and interact with it, Google Analytics collects information about this and records the achievement goals. Goal information in the Google Analytics interface is available in the Conversions report, as well as in all standard and custom reports based on visits.

The module allows you to create goals of the "JavaScript event" type easily and without interfering with the site code. This type of goal as a "JavaScript event" allows you to track almost any arbitrary event on the site (clicking a button, filling out a form, etc.), when executed, the URL of the page does not change. If the URL changes, use the "Page Visits" goal type, they are configured directly on the Google Analytics site.

When a goal is created, its identifier (goal action), an element on the page (with actions with which the goal will be achieved) and an event carried out with this element (for example, by clicking the mouse) are indicated.
In addition to the required ones, the target settings can contain additional parameters:
  • Target label. Used for more flexible visualization of events in reports;
  • Target category. Used to break down events into logical groups;
  • Target value in store currency. It is used if the goal brings or affects the profit.

After installing the module, you will immediately have access to 25 ready-made goals and all that remains is to copy their identifiers to the settings on the Google Analytics website. However, if you have installed a non-standard template or other modules affecting the layout of the site, then some goals may not work and will require reconfiguration.

Helpful hints:
  • If you want to receive more versatile data about the actions of visitors to your online store, then we advise you to install our other module " TS Yandex Metrika ". Yandex.Metrica service is the Russian analogue of Google Analytics and has similar functionality. Using both services, you will be able to compare their reports, find the middle gold, and therefore better understand your customers, reduce costs and increase revenues.
  • We also bring to your attention a package of modules " TS AB-Test 3 in 1 ". It is a set of simple yet powerful marketing tools to improve the performance of your banners, sliders, HTML texts and any other design elements in OpenCart , using the analytical method "AB testing" (Split test). Thanks to this package of modules, you will be able to better convey the necessary information to the visitor, and thereby significantly increase the conversion of your online store.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Installation instructions:
  1. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> Install Extensions;
  2. Download the archive with the module for your version of OpenCart or ocStore ;
  3. Add access rights to the module in the "Administrator" user group;
  4. Refresh the modifier cache;
  5. Activate and configure the module.
If you skip point 3, then during the inclusion of the module, the database tables necessary for the operation may not be created and the module will not work correctly.

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

Update instructions:
  1. Remove the modifier from the previous version of the module;
  2. Go to Admin Panel -> Modules -> Install Extensions;
  3. Download the archive with the module for your version of OpenCart or ocStore ;
  4. Refresh the modifier cache;
  5. Check module settings and re-save.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------

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