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NULLED ( CRACKED ) X-Shipping Pro 4.0.8 - ocmod

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X-Shippingpro is an Advanced shipping module. If you are looking for a custom shipping solution that requires easy to advanced complex calculations, this is the perfect module for you.

X-Shippingpro is the highest-rated and most sold shipping module in Opencart Marketplace.

With this module, you can even show sub-options as dropdowns. The dropdown can be multi-level. The sub-options also can have prices if you wish to have one. The sub-options come in handy when it comes to showing a list of `PickUp Point` Or `Store List` etc.

With the help of the X-Form module, you can even show any form that will be attached to a particular shipping method. It can be useful if you want to take a delivery date or delivery time etc.

You can add a logo and description for each method if you wish to have them.
You can hide/restrict other shipping modules from x-shippingpro.

Here are the brief list of shipping type you can do with it:

1. Category-based Shipping.
2. Product-based Shipping
3. Product Option based shipping
3. Store-based Shipping
4. Geo Zone Based Shipping
4. City and Country Based Shipping
5. Manufacturer Based Shipping
6. Customer Group Based Shipping
7. Zip/Postal Based Shipping (Comma Separated, Wildcards Support, Range Support)
8. Distance-based shipping (Google Map API Key required)
9. Coupon Based Shipping
10. Quantity Based Shipping
11. Weight Based Shipping
12. Volume-based Shipping
12. Sub-total based Shipping
13. Total Based Shipping
14. Shipping Container/Packaging-based shipping.
15. Volumetric Weight based shipping
16. Dimensional Weight based shipping
18. Time-Based Shipping
19. Week Days based Shipping
20. Currency Based Shipping
21. Custom-Field based shipping
22. Product Location-based shipping
23. Product Attribute-based shipping
24. City-based shipping * (check the warning below)
25. Payment method based shipping * (check the warning below)
26. and many more...



Possible to implement multi-level dropdown e.g. SF-Lockers/SF-Stores


(CSV files are available for SF-Locker, HK and SF-Store, HK under the download section )

Please check the blog for example and feature details

Xshippingpro is compatible with most of the checkout modules including Journal quick checkout, ajax quickcheckout module by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, one-page checkout, best checkout module, etc

*Attention please:
Shipping by City: Compatible with Default Checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout module, Quick Checkout by MarketSG.
Shipping by Payment method: Compatible with Journal 2/3 checkout. Please note, this rule is intended to restrict the shipping method based on payment method NOT the opposite.
Sub-options: Tested with Default checkout, Journal 2/3 checkout, Quick Checkout by MarketSG, Quick Checkout by dreamvention, best checkout, and one-page checkout.
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