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Recruiting for Graphicer, Blogger, Cracker, Developer and Manager
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Today is a new period for WGOD, Our all system is changing and we're connecting via NFT so We're recruiting new friends for our team. We started to put the forum system in the background and put the resource and blog system in the foreground. We are planning to recruit many different styles of friends in the new structure. Graphichers can work for the NFT system belong WGOD. Developers can develop a few projects with us. Crackers can crack and can learn how to crack new scripts for our library. Managers can manage the forum system and can earn money from ADS and the forum. Before the start, I can say everyone will earn money. Developers; We have a plan to open some of our libraries to the public so we will make new mobile and web projects. After the projects, devs are gonna be Moderators and access VIP and MAJOR Categories. When he left us, he will be the Developer for WGOD. Advantages for Devs; All projects belong to the developer will be advertised by the WGOD He can add...
MyBBDizayn All Premium Theme Cracked
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MyBBdizayn Stabilizer MyBB Forum Theme (Seamless) Stabilizer Theme; The first free and open source forum software for MyBB, developed by the Polygonart team, easy to use, completely differentiated from other themes with many new features, continuing its development according to user requests, clean / neat, unique code structure and *literally modern structure. and it is the only paid forum theme. Stabilizer Theme; A drawing prepared for social networks has been adapted for MyBB by considering its model and structure. Versiyon: 2.0.5 | Diller: Türkçe (TR) & İngilizce (EN) | MyBB Sürüm: 1.8.23 | Yayım Tarihi: 01.04.2020 MyBBdizayn Stabilizer MyBB Theme Download Link: https://www.wgod.co/downloads/stabilizer-mybb-theme-seamless.1751/ mybbdizayn stabilizer theme mybb nulled MyBBdizayn Ponifex MyBB Forum Theme Mybb mobile compatible game theme. MyBBdizayn Gamerx v2 MyBB Theme Download Link: https://www.wgod.co/downloads/mybbdizayn-gamerx-temasi.1779/ mybbdizayn gamerx nulled theme...
We're Starting to NFT [TIMELINE,TV+]
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Hello everyone, As you know We published WGOD TV+ and started our way before the NFT. What is WGOD TV+? WTV+ is a TV channel website just for WGOD Members. You can watch all Turkish sports channels include Bein, Exxen, Eurosport, and others. We're providing just Turkish channels for now but we will provide all private channels in the world. All WGOD Members can watch TV without pay. It's time to start the big step; As you know as WGOD, we have announced to you beforehand that NFT and many innovations will come. Today I am opening this topic to announce NFT's logo and intro. Here is WGOD NFT's logo ; Logo's intro We started to design some NFT for WGOD NFT we'll publish some NFT's images in the forum you will see all the Good updates. And we did not finish. Here is you will see our timeline about WGO. We're going to make a new coin after 10 steps every warez point can migrate with WCoin. Every member will earn money. You can see our First steps in the image.
XenGenTr All Addon Plugins
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[TB] İstatistik Daha Fazla Göster Eklentisi - [TB] Statistics Show More Plugin [XenGenTr] You can show more topics with one click by adding more show button to statistics field. The plugin works depending on the [XenGenTr] statistics plugin. It provides the opportunity to view more topics in the field of statistics. It also has the feature of determining the total number of content and the ability to determine the number of topics for each click from the admin panel. Plugin download link: https://www.wgod.co/downloads/tb-istatistik-daha-fazla-goester-eklentisi.3060/ [TB] İstatistik Daha Fazla Göster Eklentisi downlad nulled [XenGenTr] Forum istatistik PLUS - [XenGenTr] Forum statistics PLUS The plugin's task is to create a stable topic blog in the [XGT] Forum statistics system list. We called it a fixed topic, but you can call it a sponsor, an ad topic, etc. So whatever you want, the plugin will do that function. The plugin adds any topic from the forum to the special blog...
XenGenTr All Themes Cracked
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[XenGenTr] Style V9 Theme Full decoded First of all, the most crucial point of this theme is that you can get a theme with dozens of different visuals with a single template. You can make these themes with a few clicks without extensive work such as code and template change. With the changes you can make in global templates such as header and footer, you will increase the theme options and you can serve your users more tastefully by using 5 different templates in a forum thanks to this theme. 5 different templates are just an example, this number can be specified as tens. [XenGenTr] Style V9 Theme Download Link: https://www.wgod.co/downloads/xengentr-style-v9-9-nesil-tema.3057/ Xengentr V9 download nulled [XenGenTr] Style V8 Theme XenGenTr First theme of 2021 XenGenTr 8th Generation theme [XenGenTr] Style V8 has been shared. I don't need to explain too much about the theme. After all, what can one expect from a theme other than this visuality? You can get more detailed...
Do you like TV+? (50 WP Earn)
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Hello, We published TV+ last week. We want to learn what are you thinking about TV+? What are the bad points and good points? If you have an idea for TV+, Recommend this topic and we can do it. You will earn 50 WP for Recommend. Have a fun dear family.!
%25 Discount VIP Membership
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Did you think we forgot? No, We did not forget Black Friday but we want to do it today. If you buy a 6 or a year VIP membership you will have a %25 discount. This event is just for a day and If you buy any VIP membership, you will earn 500 WP for free. Event will ended 29.11.2021
WGOD 3.0.1 Update Change Log
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Our best update will be 3.0.1, There will be too many good updates for WGOD members. The update will be released on 10.12.2021. ChangeLog: WGOD TV; You can watch all football, basketball match with your WGOD membership. ( Uefa, Champion League, Turkish Leagues, NBA) WGOD NFT; We will start to design NFT avatars and Our domain will be open for Pre-Sale and Donate Membership system All inactive players will be automatically Platin Membership. (Include Mod., Super Mod., Major, Coder , Designer, Ragnar ) If you're offline for 30 days, Your account will be downgraded automatically. Premium Memberships; If you do not share anything or do not enter for a month, your account will be limited. You will not download anything for 3 days. You can't get any warez point if you are an inactive member. Blog and Resource System Blogger and Sharer will have a new Rank and point system; Bloggers will earn 10 Points every day. Sharers will earn 10 Points every day Warez Points to NFT...
Linux Server Security &Hardening linux server
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What is Linux? Linux in its most basic form is a kernel; a low-level software interface between a computer's hardware and higher-level software. The Linux kernel is not an operating system per se, but serves as a fundamental building block for hundreds of different Linux distributions (short for 'distributions'): operating systems built on top of Linux. There is no definitive Linux distribution, so keep that in mind throughout this guide. Each distribution has its own quirks, and the open nature of many means that new versions can be quickly created, old security issues fixed, and new ones created. Research the specific distribution and version you're interested in hardening! Basic Linux Hardening Checklist This section uses the Linux command line, but you do not need to be familiar with it to complete this section. A few tips: Take the time to research each change before implementing it! Understand the purpose of each change and what impact it will have. Note that all the...

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