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  1. xNull

    XF 2 [DigitalPoint] Better Google Analytics

    Features Serve Google Tag Manager JavaScript from your own domain Normally, Google forces browsers to re-download the JavaScript every 15 minutes, which can hurt your site rendering speed. If you choose to serve it from your own domain, the time between re-downloads is set to 30 days. It also...
  2. xNull

    XF 2 [DigitalPoint] App for Cloudflare

    Features Everything is available from within XenForo (you do not need to go to Cloudflare for things) via the Cloudflare API. This allows you give admins permission to do certain things (for example block IP addresses within Cloudflare without giving them access to your Cloudflare account). It...
  3. ByProfu

    LEAKS ( NOT NULLED ) MovieStream WordPress Theme 4.5.2

    MovieStream features Responsive design SEO optimized RTL Support Slider Generate data from TMDb Auto Complete Search Series list and movie list page Advanced search page Bookmark (without login) Download Box color theme feature (to change the basic color) Widget Popular Widget Genre Built-in...
  4. codepeak

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) WordPress TapTap, by Bonfire Menu Plugin 5.6

    With TapTap, we set out to create an easy-to-customize, responsive, mobile-first, off-canvas menu plugin for WordPress that would be versatile enough to be used on literally any website. Be it a creative’s portfolio or a corporate site, mixing and matching fonts, font sizes, icons, letter...
  5. Sygate

    OC3 Admin Full Category Selection 2022-08-29

    The extension enhances the category selection for admin when adding or updating product. It shows full list of categories instead of requiring to type name for selection. Enables admin to select multiple categories for product in one go. Features List of categories to select from Multi...
  6. Ajax

    PS v1.7 Reservation and Booking System Module 1.0.7

    Admin’s Business will always be available for bookings. Admin can add a date range booking product type which can be used for hotel booking system. Admin can add a time slots booking product type which can be used for booking a product according to time slots like taking a doctor’s appointment...
  7. BuzGibi

    PS v1.6-v.17 MigrationPro: PrestaShop Upgrade and Migrate Tool Module 6.2.5

    Features While you migrate from PrestaShop to PrestaShop they migrate simultaneously: Migrate or upgrade PrestaShop 1.4.x to PrestaShop 1.7; Migrate or upgrade PrestaShop 1.5.x to PrestaShop 1.7; Migrate or upgrade PrestaShop 1.6.x to PrestaShop 1.7; Migrate or upgrade PrestaShop 1.7.x.x to...
  8. BuzGibi

    PS v1.6-v.17 Product Advice Survey Module 2.1.3

    Features Design step-by-step survey that will lead your customer to the products that match their needs The questionnaire's ergonomy is optimized to offer customers an intuitive and easy-to-use page Surveys can have as many questions as you want, and are fully customizable Lists of recommended...
  9. BuzGibi

    PS v1.7 Shipping Cost Pro Module 1.0.1

    Features Shipping cost rules management Create as many shipping cost rules as you want and set up common information for them such as shipping rule's name, description, priority, or carriers to apply. Add unlimited conditions that apply to a shipping cost rule. Conditional rules are provided...
  10. Ajax

    PS v1.6-v.17 MigrationPro: PrestaShop Upgrade and Migrate Tool Module 6.2.3

    Upgrade PrestaShop 1.4, 1.5, 1.6 or 1.7 to PrestaShop 1.7.8 for an instant! MigrationPro is the #1 PrestaShop to PrestaShop migration module that helps you migrate all your data and keep your shop always fully up-to-date. What this module does for you event_available Help save time Looking for a...
  11. Ajax

    PS v1.6-v.17 Page Cache Ultimate Module 7.7.1

    Increase your sales Several studies show that, the more your site is slow, the more netizens want to leave and not return. This is directly related! Improve your SEO Since 2010 the position in search results of Google (and probably other search engines) takes into account loading time of...
  12. Ajax

    PS v1.6-v.17 Top banner 1.1.0

    With the Top Banner module, increase the impact of your sales, special offers and generate more revenue by showing a sales incentive banner with a countdown on all of your site’s pages! Communicate easily and effectively to all of your visitors throughout their purchase journey with a custom...
  13. BuzGibi

    OC3 OpenCart 3

    OpenCart 3 latest official version ( two times faster PHP 5.4 to PHP 8 supported error fixes and updated look simplified installation About this distribution This is official OpenCart with PHP 5.4 to PHP 8 support, simplified install, improved performance (two times faster) and...
  14. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) TMD OpenCart Product Price List Extension 1.1

    OpenCart price list extension gives the website a new way to show all the product pagination with the price and necessary details. There is also an advanced filter available that allow the customer to get a product of their own interest. Customers can view all Store Products on the same page...
  15. ELEOS

    PS v1.6-v.17 Super Speed - Incredibly fast - GTmetrix optimization Module 1.4.8

    Features 1. Professional dashboard Real-time line chart of page loading speed Current page loading time speedometer Image optimization status Auto-configuration...
  16. xNull

    WGOD 3.0.1 Update Change Log

    Our best update will be 3.0.1, There will be too many good updates for WGOD members. The update will be released on 10.12.2021. ChangeLog: WGOD TV; You can watch all football, basketball match with your WGOD membership. ( Uefa, Champion League, Turkish Leagues, NBA) WGOD NFT; We will start...
  17. xNull

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) dizzy - Support Creators Content Script 3.5.1

    Features Live Streaming Subscription system Users can set the weekly, monthly and yearly subscription price Implemented GDPR Banner Cookies Policy Notifications Real-time User can get Notifications comment, follow, subscribe, post buy, like, comment like, approve content by administrator...
  18. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) Storzo - Multipurpose E-commerce Opencart 3 Theme 2.0.0

    Compatibility OpenCart Version 3.X Storzo is Electronics OpenCart Theme it is a simple and clean layout with elegant design. No HTML knowledge requries, easy to install and easy to use.It has been built with mobile users in mind. So it looks great on desktops, tablets and mobiles.Storzo is an...
  19. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) Rozer - Digital Responsive OpenCart Theme (Included Color Swatches) 1.0.0

    Looking for a great ecommerce store to sell your items is your necessity now? Don’t hesitate, Rozer Digital Opencart theme is not a bad choice for you! Rozer Opencart theme is easy to install and customize. It has 4 homepages with useful modules and excellent design. Rozer uses two types of...
  20. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) Remart - Multipurpose MarketPlace Opencart 3 Theme 2.0.0

    Compatibility OpenCart Version 3.X Remart Multipurpose OpenCart Theme, Remart is comes with a large number of latest features it will helps you to build a successful e-commerce website, No HTML knowledge requries, easy to install and easy to use.It has been built with mobile users in mind. So...
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