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  1. xNull

    XF 2 [OzzModz] User Followers Count 2.0.0 Patch Level1

    Description: Adds a cached counter of the user's followers. Note: after installation, the addon will automatically start rebuilding the cache. It can take some time. Features: Member statistics (also can be used in widget) Sorting by followers count in ACP "Followers count between" filter...
  2. xNull

    XF 2 [XGT] Kayıt paneli uyarıları 1.0.0

    [XGT] Kayıt paneli uyarıları - [XGT] Register panel warnings Bu eklenti sayesinde register yani kayıt panelinde çeşitli isteklerin altında kolaylıkla uyarılar ekleye bilirsiniz. Bu küçük eklenti sayesinde işlerinizi kolaylaştıra bilirsiniz. Uyarı eklene bilir sekmeler; Kullanıcı adı istek...
  3. xNull

    XF 2 [XTR] Unlimited User Group Banners 1.0.4

    [XTR] Unlimited User Group Banners This add-on allows you to create unlimited banner style and you may select to them easily per each user group. Features Adding unlimited banner Define to easily per user group Banner style effects Enable or disable banner system When choosing colors for...
  4. Sygate

    isense FacebookLogin Journal Completable ! Journal Uyumlu 2022-07-22

    FacebookLogin Powerful Facebook Login Button
  5. samirshawa

    XF 2 [BS] Live Forum Statistics 1.2.1

    .this addon creates a live forum statistics widget to keep your users updated and engaged. The data it displays is current and can be refreshed at anytime, it includes user and thread statistics as well as a list of new threads. In addition to being a statistic widget, it enables you to sell...
  6. xNull

    Extended description of vendor plans 1

    Addon to Multi-Vendor, Multi-Vendor PLUS, Multi-Vendor Ultimate allows adding descriptions and informations to vendor plans. You can assign static page to each plan (Website -> Pages), which contains additional information about plans. In vendor plans page, a special block with tabs appear, in...
  7. xNull

    Payment -> Order status 1

    Add-on to CS-Cart and Multi-Vendor allows to set default order status to each payment. It makes managing many orders easier and faster operate them. We start from installation the module: In add-on configuration, we're able to determine which order statuses should be treated as correct payment...
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