1. NULLED ( CRACKED ) OC3 OC2 Abandoned-Cart-3x 2022-01-19

    ✯ New Feature: 'View Cart' functionality. Adds link in the email template, which when clicked will restore customers' cart in the store just like it was in the abandoned cart record in the module ✯ Schedule emails - Schedule how many days after the cart is abandoned, each email notification to...
  2. msd43msd

    XF 2 EWR-Porta

    How do I make my articles list the index for my forum? Admin CP: Setup > Options > Basic Board Information Index Page Route: ewr-porta/ How do I rename the "ewr-porta" sub-directory to something else? Admin CP: Setup > Navigation> Route Filters > Add route filter Find route: ewr-porta/...
  3. DarkGeometry

    XF 2 [TH] UI.X 2 Dark

    [TH] UI.X 2 Dark Official website: Introducing the fan favorite UI.X for XenForo 2. Based off of the tried true methodologies of its XenForo 1 predecessor, UI.X continues to push the boundaries of intelligent, performant, perfected...
  4. DarkGeometry

    XF 2 [TH] UI.X 2

    [TH] UI.X 2 Official website: Introducing the fan favorite UI.X for XenForo 2. Based off of the tried true methodologies of its XenForo 1 predecessor, UI.X continues to push the boundaries of intelligent, performant, perfected design. Modern...
  5. xNull

    GDPR Compliance (EU) 1

    O verview The GDPR is the European Union’s new data privacy law which impacts how all companies collect and handle personal data about their European customers. You need to make sure your site is compliant so we have developed the GDPR Compliance add-on, which makes add-ons developed by...
  6. xNull

    Variant images 4.1

    CS-Cart Variant images add-on allows you to assign several images for each of your option variants. For example, if your customer selects a black dress, the main image will change to the image of a black dress and customer will be able to click on additional images to see a black dress from...
  7. xNull

    UniTheme2 - premium CS-Cart theme complex 4.13.2

    UniTheme2 is a theme and addons complex for the CS-Cart e-commerce platform. The embodiment of the modern classic presentation of the online store, the appearance and functionality, that fits any sphere in online sales. Technically, UniTheme is a child theme of the CS-Cart Responsive basic...
  8. xNull

    Store Import 2.5.1

    About the Add-on Store Import allows you to upgrade your CS-Cart store from versions 2.2.4 - 4.7.1 up to the version 4.7.2. The upgrade is done by creating a separate CS-Cart installation and using the add-on to import data from your old store. Importing a Store 1. Install CS-Cart into a...
  9. xNull

    Stock Filter 1.0.2

    This is a free CS-Cart add-on that you can get for a zero price. All Alt-team free add-ons participate in the charity program. If you like this add-on, we will appreciate your small contribution. All collected money for Alt-team free add-ons will be spent for the children's charity in...
  10. xNull

    XML & CSV Import 4.10.10

    The XML & CSV Import add-on sets you free from dull manual upload of products from your suppliers’ catalogs to your store. You only need to get the XML table from your vendors and import it to your store. The product database will be uploaded automatically, all the following changes in the...
  11. xNull

    JSON-LD for SEO 4.9.12

    Make your site instantly comprehensible by search engines Get more organic search traffic from Google, Bing, and other search engines by adding special markup. Add target information to your search results Supplement search results with desired information like Company name, brief store...
  12. xNull

    Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce 4.10.13

    Integrate your store with Google Ecommerce Analytics This is a must-have extension for CS-Cart to measure the number of transactions and revenue that your website generates. Get an overview report All primary and customized statistics in a single place for a quick overview. Examine...
  13. xNull

    Collections 4.1

    Collections add-on allows you to create various collections of goods. You can choose a cover for every collection, add the name and the description. The panel with the collection will be displayed on the product page and customers can see other products from the collection.
  14. xNull

    CS-Cart "Orders Tracking Page" Add-on 1.0

    The "Orders Tracking Page" allows to track all shipped orders on one page MAIN FEATURES: - Redirect to tracking URL after clicking on the tracking number - Ability to search orders and shipment by different parameters If you want us to adapt this module to old CS-Cart/ Multi-Vendor...
  15. xNull

    Automatic Filters for Products and Groups for CS-Cart 1.0.9

    MODULE "AUTOMATIC FILTERS OF GOODS AND GROUPS" FOR CS-CART Group creation of filters Creates filters from characteristics for created or imported goods automatically or by CRON CS-CART In the process of unloading through the channels of warehouse accounting 1C, My warehouse, Warehouse 365 in...
  16. xNull

    Loyalty Program 1

    Start your own loyalty program. Reward the customers who make purchases frequently. The loyalty program is based on the total amount of money spent in the store. The more the customers spend, the more they get. The loyalty scheme consists of several membership tiers. Each tier has its own...
  17. xNull

    Tabbed Blocks 1.5

    The "Tabbed Blocks" add-on allows the store administrators to embed different blocks into one with tabs. MAIN FEATURES: - Just tick off the "Tabbed blocks" checkbox on the required grid in the block manager, clear the templates cache and check the result - Default theme tabs styles are used
  18. xNull

    Search Improvements 1.17

    The "Search Improvements" add-on allows to extend the default CS-Cart / Multi-Vendor search with several useful options MAIN FEATURES: - Define minimum amount of characters for the search input field - Define product search type for the store-front (All of these words, Any of these words or...
  19. xNull

    Pop-up Wrapper 1

    The "Pop-up Wrapper" add-on allows to show the content of any block in the pop-up window. For example, you can create welcome pop-up or pop-up with the specific information on the order landing page. MAIN FEATURES: - Cookie based first visit check - Titile is equal to the block title -...
  20. xNull

    Order History 1

    The "Order History" add-on allows the store administrators to check all order changes from the admin panel. New tab is created on the 'Order details' page. MAIN FEATURES: - All order status changes are logged - All order total amount changes are logged - Ability to add comment for each log item...

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