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  1. xNull

    XF 2 Upload Manager 1.0.0

    This XF2 add-on along with the entire collection can be purchased for $35.00 USD. Your Premium upgrade will allow you to download as many XF2 add-ons as you like for one year. Please see the entire collection located in the Resources area at this URL: https://www.xf2addons.com/ Description...
  2. xNull

    XF 2 [Liam W] (RIP) Mentions Mini Avatars 2.0.0 Patch 1

    This install-and-done add-on will add user avatars to the left of any mentions of them. This add-on uses the XF2 'embed metadata' system to store the mentioned users with each message. This means that for any message created after this add-on is installed, there will only be one additional...
  3. BuzGibi

    PS v1.7 Customer Address at Registration Module 1.0.6

    Overview This module adds the address fields to the customer registration form. When a new customer registers to the shop the address is also saved to the address table. What this module does for you Merchants can add the address fields to the customer registration form very easily by...
  4. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) TMD OpenCart Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP 1.0.0

    What is TMD OpenCart Auto Change - Currency & Language by IP? OpenCart Auto Change Currency & Lange by IP module for your e-commerce store and your website. This extension allows store owners to implement language and currency for different countries on their websites. Usually, this is done...
  5. xNull

    PS 1.6 Filter Products Pro - Advanced search of products Module 1.6

    Help your customers make purchases with the help of intelligent filters in your online store. Allow them to perform advanced searches within your extensive catalogue. What this module does for you directions_car Simplify site search When a user is browsing an online store they always want to...
  6. xNull

    PS 1.6 GDPR EU Cookie Law Compliance Banner Module 1.6

    Overview This module is a light, elegant and powerful solution that allows your website to comply the european cookie law by informing users that your site has cookies information. What this module does for you headset Alleviate disputes This will add a banner to your website to assist with GDPR...
  7. xLab

    Python CloudFail Tool - Best Cloudflare IP Resolver

    CloudFail CloudFail is a tactical reconnaissance tool which aims to gather enough information about a target protected by Cloudflare in the hopes of discovering the location of the server. Using Tor to mask all requests, the tool as of right now has 3 different attack phases. Misconfigured...
  8. BuzGibi

    NULLED ( CRACKED ) Account Dashboard Pro 1.0.0

    Account Dashboard Pro module turn old-fashioned OpenCart account page into the modern dashboard, which helps the customer to understand their account page for precisely. Symbols are more powerful than words, thus this job done by this extension. Many OpenCart themes developers just focus on...
  9. BuzGibi

    OC3 Opencart 2.x 3.x service page robots meta tag

    META-tag “Robots” for OpenCart - allows you to tell search robots and bots whether this page can be indexed and whether the links provided on this page can be used. noindex - this tag can be used to close links from indexing. nofollow is a value that prohibits search engines from following a...
  10. BuzGibi

    OC3 Localcopy OCMOD fix for loading Opencart 3.0 modules

    Localcore - fix for the correct loading of ocmod modules through the site admin panel on Opencart 3.0. This version of Opencart has restrictions on file uploads - they can only be uploaded to the extension folder. Often, some module files can be located in other directories - in this case, you...
  11. xNull

    XF 2 [XTR] Old Thread Notice 1.0.1

    Warnings Don't upgrade this add-on with old version (File directories have been changed.) What does this add-on do? This add-on adds a warning to the selected position of threads with the most recent reply being more than a specified number of days ago. This might be used to remind users not...
  12. themka

    XF 2 Optimized List Queries by Xon 2.6.1

    This add-on is aimed at large forum with tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands or more threads in a single forum. Smaller forum do not gain much benefit from this add-on. Member List/Forum/Conversation/Reactions/XFMG lists: MySQL/MariaDB implements 'early row lookup', when combined with...
  13. usimaweb

    Please help me

    Hi guys can you tell me about what is this addon.. or bot ? What is this system??? It's a adult forum, i see this like a notice bar but this is not a default notice i guess, and yes this site is on xenforo, but i never seen this type of addon.
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