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  1. sxfarex

    Nasıl Hızlı WarezPoınt Kasılır

    warezpoınt kasmak ıcın neler yapmam gerekıyor
  2. xNull


    Herkese selamlar bugün sizlere bir kaç lamer ordusunun yaydığı fake haberleri dile getiricem. Bazı sözde hack forumu diye geçen ama adminlerinin para ile wgod üyeliği aldığı forumda bazı yetkilileri sözde wgodu hacklediğini paylaşmış. Bu kadar sessiz, sakin olmamıza rağmen yinede piyasadaki...
  3. Rush

    LEAKS ( NOT NULLED ) Stori Platform Blog News CMS 0.1

    Main features: System is safe. Responsive design (with Semantic-ui). Manage users (authors, moderators, ...) with ease. Responsive Ad Space (google adsense, another advertising company). Pop-up ads (PopAds, PopCash). Newsletter. SEO friendly. Sortable navigation menu. Categories and...
  4. xNull

    We're Starting to NFT [TIMELINE,TV+]

    Hello everyone, As you know We published WGOD TV+ and started our way before the NFT. What is WGOD TV+? WTV+ is a TV channel website just for WGOD Members. You can watch all Turkish sports channels include Bein, Exxen, Eurosport, and others. We're providing just Turkish channels for now but...
  5. xNull

    Recruiting for Graphicer, Blogger, Cracker, Developer and Manager

    Today is a new period for WGOD, Our all system is changing and we're connecting via NFT so We're recruiting new friends for our team. We started to put the forum system in the background and put the resource and blog system in the foreground. We are planning to recruit many different styles of...
  6. xNull

    About Themka.com

    Hi everyone, We're sad to say this, We have no support for themka.com anymore. All files in themka will transfer to wgod.co so you can download all resources in WGOD.co but Themka.com Memberships will not transfer to WGOD. Themka.com members can get an Invitation code from this URL. Themka.com...
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