How can i get INVITATION CODE in


Hello Our visitor,

Our site has too many option for register but i can say easily WGOD is not free. We're not recommending 'If you do not have any patience, knowledge or money do not register'

1st way - BTC, Crypto Coins

If you want to get automatic Invitation code, You can donate from this link - 8 USD.
Your money will spend for WGOD server and New Scripts


Or you can get Invitation code Via other options

0xa89e5fd16509931839a35fb59d98f77aacb4b3d9BNB10 USD
TDJ7uHumiC8SviBN5dJU7K8oy9btdUszjcUSDT10 USD

2nd way - Social Help

You can donate to people or nature and you can get certificiate for WGOD.CO. We're collecting foundation list and putting here. If you have more info, text us([email protected])

Global Countries via Credit Card
Donate URL
Who are they?
Minimum Price​
With your support, our donors living abroad, we have increased happiness and delivered smiles to tens of thousands of children with Leukemia and Cancer and their families!
10 USD​
Darussafaka is Supporting children who lost their parents10 USD
"Providing aid for needy and defenseless people indisasters and usual periods as a proactive organization,developing cooperation in the society, providing safeblood and decreasing vulnerability".11.26 USD
You can donate securely to Green Crescent10 USD

UNESCO is a non-profit intergovernmental organization

10 USD
SMA Disease Fighting Association was established on April 17, 2017 by the founding members together. It includes individuals with SMA, their relatives and specialists.10 USD

Türk üyelerin başvurusu için
Bağış URL
Bunlar kim ?​
Minimum Fiyat​
Tegv Vakfı​
100 TL​
Kimsesiz çocuklara yardımcı ol.100 TL
Kan için kızılay100 TL
Koruncuk Vakfı100 TL

Lösevlilere yardımcı ol​

100 TL
SMA hastalarına yardımcı ol100 TL
Tema Vakfı100 TL

Receiver Infos
Recipient's Adress ( Mail )Recipient's Name
[email protected]WGOD.CO

3nd way - Paypal Donate
You can donate us via Paypal. You need to request paypal url via Mail [email protected]

4nd way - Introduce yourself ( you can get Inv code %5 )

You can get invitaton code free but its the hardest way for everyone. You need to write mail about yourself require 250 Words. You need to tell us your character, vision,mission,age ,job shortly you need to write too long subject.

We're not accepty message like that " I need inv code, Hİ send inv code, I want to download something, I want to register to WGOD."

Our mail : [email protected]
Our Telegram:

Do not blame us, We're not looking new members for WGOD. If you want to register WGOD, You have to do what we request.
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