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TMD OpenCart Coupon Import Export Module 1.0.0

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Konu Hakkında Merhaba, tarihinde Opencart plugins kategorisinde BuzGibi tarafından oluşturulan TMD OpenCart Coupon Import Export Module başlıklı konuyu okuyorsunuz. Bu konu şimdiye dek 172 kez görüntülenmiş, 2 yorum ve 1 tepki puanı almıştır...
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Konu Başlığı TMD OpenCart Coupon Import Export Module
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Mar 16, 2021
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BuzGibi submitted a new resource:

TMD OpenCart Coupon Import Export Module - TMD is an Official Partner of OpenCart

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Coupons are used to attract customers to boost sales. After the installation of the module, it integrated into the existing Coupons list page in the admin of the website. Just go to the coupon list page and the admin will find the export and import option top of the page. This extension lets the admin import the coupons to the OpenCart website.

Use a downloadable sample import file as a template for importing coupons. There is an option to export a few or...

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