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[XFB] Konu Bilgileri

Konu Hakkında Merhaba, tarihinde Announcement kategorisinde Avenger  tarafından oluşturulan XenGenTr All Addon Plugins başlıklı konuyu okuyorsunuz. Bu konu şimdiye dek 847 kez görüntülenmiş, 13 yorum ve 22 tepki puanı almıştır...
Kategori Adı Announcement
Konu Başlığı XenGenTr All Addon Plugins
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[TB] İstatistik Daha Fazla Göster Eklentisi - [TB] Statistics Show More Plugin

[XenGenTr] You can show more topics with one click by adding more show button to statistics field.
The plugin works depending on the [XenGenTr] statistics plugin. It provides the opportunity to view more topics in the field of statistics.
It also has the feature of determining the total number of content and the ability to determine the number of topics for each click from the admin panel.

Plugin download link:
[TB] İstatistik Daha Fazla Göster Eklentisi downlad nulled

[XenGenTr] Forum istatistik PLUS - [XenGenTr] Forum statistics PLUS

The plugin's task is to create a stable topic blog in the [XGT] Forum statistics system list. We called it a fixed topic, but you can call it a sponsor, an ad topic, etc. So whatever you want, the plugin will do that function. The plugin adds any topic from the forum to the special blog created in the statistics area and provides detailed control of the topics added to this list.

Plugin download link:
xengentr forum istatistik plus addon download nulled

[XenGenTr] Forum İstatistik Sistemi - [XenGenTr] Forum statistics system

This plugin can show the various topics from the forum statistically to the users,Free and ad-free.

Plugin download link:
[XenGenTr] Forum statistics system download nulled

[XenGenTr] Avatar Size

This plugin imposes a limitation on the avatars that users can upload.

Plugin download link: [XenGenTr] Avatar Size addon download nulled

[XenGenTr] Bildirim Sesi - [XenGenTr] Notification Sound

This plugin is an audio notification plugin for XenForo 2 users. To summarize, you can send an audible warning to the user in private message notifications and all other notifications to the user.

Plugin download link:
[XenGenTr] Bildirim Sesi download nulled

[XenGenTr] XenForo İçerik Koruyucu - [XenGenTr] XenForo Content Protector

[XenGenTr] With the XenForo Content Protector add-on, you can make it difficult for your content to be copied.

Plugin download link:
[XenGenTr] XenForo İçerik Koruyucu download nulled

[XenGenTr] Haber Akışı Eklentisi - XenForo News Ticker

You can show the latest topics and special announcements in a very different design in the news feed area.

Plugin download link:
xengentr xenforo news ticker download nulled

[XenGenTr] Warning system | Uyarı sistemi

Different announcements can be written for each forum. The topic list can be shown as the lower, upper position. In the subject, the editor can be shown as the topic above the editor.

Plugin download link:
[XenGenTr] Warning system download nulled
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